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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Are We There Yet???

To start off my senior year, I was supposed to be at a 6 week long internship in London.....well we all know how that one ended: It never started. Feeling heathly again, my two cousins, Shelbi and Sydney, and my Mimi decided to take a week long trip to London anyways....and here is how it all began!

Wednesday June 8th 10:00am
The Harris' depart Deer Park for the Houston Airport. Aunt Jo and Uncle Michael (along with little cousin Seilah) were our drivers.....I still don't know if this was a good idea or not, the car ride ended in tears as Mom and Dad said good bye to their little girls for the first time!

In the airport, the girls experienced a few "firsts"-they had never been on a moving sidewalk before....Shelbi almost ate it so bad but luckily, she didn't and we were in route! (Partying it up in the Airport as Usual!)

Wednesday June 8th 3:30pm
Our first flight landed in Newark, New Jersey just in time! We only had 30 minutes to catch our connecting flight because our first one was delayed.....in a rush we made it to the airplane only to sit for and hour and a half on the runway while they "fixed" the plane. Praise the Lord, it was fixed and we were safe and sound and off on the 6 hours plane ride!

Thursday June 9th 8:30am
LONDON!! We FINALLY arrived after two delayed flights and an hour wait through customs. And of course, us Harris' girls arrived in style.....in the CABBI! The girls had never been in a taxi before so we hopped into the cabbi and headed for our hotel! 

After we got settled into the hotel, we were off.....as much as the girls and Mimi fought me to want to sleep, I've been down this road before and knew that we HAD to stay awake in order to get on schedule so hopped on a Hop-On-Hop-Off Tour Bus!

Do we look as gross as we feel?? We have airplane hair!!!

While on the bus we all began to get sleepy so we "Hopped Off" at the Tower of London. Most people know this tower as the execution tower where hundreds of thousands of Englander's where killed......as well as where Henry the Eighth had his wife's killed......sounds like a horrible place but it was beautiful!! Here is what we saw:
Going to the Restroom, the King's Way

The Exterior of the Tower...with tow girls who did NOT want to take their picture....one of many battles I have won, bribing them with icecream :)
Also in the Tower was Her Majesties Royal Jewels. Unfortunately we were unable to take photographs but we did come to one conclusion......Queen Elezabeth was origionally tall but then, because of the MASSIVE crowns and jewels, she shrunk. The end :)

After we toured the tower for a few ours, we were getting cold, hungry and tired. We hopped back on the bus and made our way to a small Italian Resturaunt.....food had never tasted so good! 

To end our day, Shelbi and I got to see how our room looked (we only had one room available at 10am when we checked in). Needless to say, we are to bugs in a rug :)

More on our trip later....we are off for more Harris Girl Adventures :)

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