"Mind, Body, Spiritual Attainment, Emotional Poise, Integrity"

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Starting Spring Off With the Lord

I like a challenge so when I heard this one, I went for it.

A week ago, I was driving to College Station, listening to KSBJ when I heard of their 30 Days for 30 Years Challenge. To sum it up, it challenges you to only listen to Christian Music while in the car. Now I usually flip from Christian to Country but I thought, I can do this.

Going into it, I had no idea what to expect. In fact, I did not expect anything. But the changes that are already occurring in my life are to amazing not to share.

1. I am in a happier mood, smiling and not letting the small things bother me. I know the Lord can help me handle anything.

2. I am FINALLY back to running/workout on a daily basis. One year and 2 months after my surgery, I am FINALLY doing it!! The key here is that is has nothing to do with me and EVERYTHING to do with the Lord.

3. I am much much more organized....yes, I said organized. I got to College Station, did laundry, went through my room and even started hanging up clothes. (For those of you who have seen my room, this is a shock, I know...I almost did not believe it either!)

4. I am a better girlfriend, friend, student, daughter, sister....you name it. Just hearing the Lord's word over and over again everyday has enabled be to be a better me!

This is truly changing the way I take on stress, how I handle all relationships, my general mood and most importantly strengthened my relationship with the Lord.

So to Spring 2012, bring it. I can handle anything!